Smartwatch Casino Games Explained for NZ Players

New Zealanders love their gadgets, and as such smartwatches have seen a fair amount of success in the region.

After all, there is no better companion to a person who likes to jog, get remote access to their phone, or just a person who prefers not to fumble about when driving. Continue reading “Smartwatch Casino Games Explained for NZ Players”

Bonuses at Online Casino Sites

No deposit online casino bonus offers are the buzz words currently trending on the internet as far as online gambling is concerned.

The no deposit online casino bonus is used by online casino sites as an advertisement tool and a marketing magnet in order to attract new business  Examples of no deposit online bonuses include Free Cash, Free Play and Free Spins. Continue reading “Bonuses at Online Casino Sites”

A Guide for You to Playing at Online Casinos New Zealand

The growing popularity of online casinos New Zealand is a steady platform that is accelerating online gaming options available to Kiwis.

Technological innovation coupled with total convenience affords players from New Zealand with thrilling Online casinos, which are available across a multitude of devices. Continue reading “A Guide for You to Playing at Online Casinos New Zealand”

Explaining Caribbean Stud Poker by Real Time Gaming

At online casinos, video poker has become one of the most popular game played online. As opposed to table poker, video poker can be played individually against the computer. This means players can log on and play at any time without having to wait for an available table. One of the more popular video poker games is Caribbean Stud Poker. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at the Real Time Gaming version of this classic game, how it works and how to get started playing online. Continue reading “Explaining Caribbean Stud Poker by Real Time Gaming”

Caribbean Hold’em Poker by RTG in Review

When it comes to casino card games, Texas Hold’em poker and casino Hold’em poker have become incredibly popular in both land based and online casinos. The dynamic nature of the game and the use of community cards increases the excitement of the game and draws in players from all over the world. One of the more unique variations on Hold’em Poker is Real Time Gaming’s Caribbean Hold’em Poker. In the notes below, we are going to have a look at how the game works and how to get started playing this popular game online.

Continue reading “Caribbean Hold’em Poker by RTG in Review”

Max Damage Slot Game Mentioned for Online Players

Max Damage is an online slot title following the adventures of the title character, Max Damage. He is an outer space adventurer fighting of evil aliens that are trying to invade Earth. This online slot game is developed and released by Microgaming. It has a free spins bonus round, a wild symbol that can appear stacked on the reels combined with colourful graphics.

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Claiming Online Casino Bonuses

Every online casino offers bonuses in one form or another. This can range from amounts of free money, which generally may not be withdrawn from the casino, to free rounds of lottery spins, to free lottery cards, and much more. Whatever the online casino bonus UK offered, a player should certainly take advantage, since this can mean the difference between keeping yourself in the green and sliding into the red. Don’t forget that some bonuses have expiry dates, and are only valid for a certain length of time. So cashing out a bonus as quickly as possible is advisable.

The Types of Online Casino Bonuses

You may get as much as $1,500 simply by creating an account at an online casino. This, known as a signup bonus, is the driving force for many players to join a specific website. It is important to keep in mind, however, that it is the long-term bonuses that really offer value. You may, for example, earn a loyalty bonus, which compounds over time and grows ever bigger. These are earned by a player signing into their active account at least once a day and perhaps playing a single hand. Over time loyalty bonuses can grow enormous, making that specific casino a virtual goldmine. There may also be bonuses offered to those who win big hands, those who have spent the most time at a specific table, or even to those who have stayed logged on to their account the longest. These bonuses vary from casino to casino, and should be explored.

An Exterior Online Casino Bonus

As well as online casinos offering their own bonus options, third party websites may offer bonuses on behalf of the company. These bonuses can often be very lucrative, but may require a bit of exploring, since it is not uncommon for completely unrelated websites to stock and offer bonus codes. Also, again, be aware of scams and expiry dates in the case of getting a bonus from third party websites. Some unscrupulous websites will offer expired bonus codes in exchange for task being performed, such as watching an advert, which is almost never a requirement. If in doubt, contact the customer support centre of the online casino in question to clear up any confusion.

How to Use Bonus Codes

Bonuses often come in the form of a unique code, which must be entered at an online casino to claim the mentioned reward. At the casino, there will be a link to redeem a code. Simply click this link, and an input field should be made available. You may simply copy the code at its source, paste it into the input field, and click to have redemption of the code activated, and the rewards granted. If an error message is returned upon activation, please ensure that the code is valid, and that you meet the requirements, if any. You will know activation has been successful by the rewards appearing on your account. Keep in mind that only one code may be activated at a time, and multiple entries of the same code may fail.