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Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 Online Slots in Detail

Based on the British, annual 3000 mile international celebrity motor rally held in many parts of the world, Gumball 3000 is an online video slot game. While Gumball 3000 also refers to a film, the intense atmosphere that this game aims to create is far more representative of the actual event.

One of many 5-reel, 15-payline video slots released from well-known developers, Play N Go, Gumball 3000 includes top quality, eye-catching graphics as well as an appropriate soundtrack that creates an exciting and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Bonus features are available in order to provide players with a chance to increase winning opportunities, while free play is also available for those looking for a warm up game.

Theme and Gameplay

The attention to detail and consistency in theme cannot be missed when playing the Gumball 3000 slot game, from the roaring engine kicking into gear every time a player spins the reels to the bright and relevant imagery found in the game’s symbols.

While the super cars illustrated in the game’s symbols are worth noticing, it is important for players to fully understand and get to know their way around the game and it’s interface. Below the reels are a number of action buttons allowing players to select their coin value, choose the number of coins and lines they wish to play, spin the reels and more.

There is also a gamble button that will appear to the left of the spin button to allow players a chance to further their winnings. Once a player receives a win, the button appears and allows players to double or quadruple their win by picking the right colour or suit.

Gumball 3000 Slot Symbols

As mentioned above, the Gumball 3000 slot show consistency in theme right down to their symbols, with imagery of flashy super cars sprawled across the reels. The game contains basic symbols that are represented by high value casino card symbols such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9.

There are also bonus and high value symbols in this game, which are worth taking notice of as they offer bigger rewards. The high value symbols are represented by a Team Betsafe car, a black car, a red car and a yellow car, all of which have been designed to look like modern day super cars.

Gumball 3000 Wild

Gumball 3000 slots contain a number of bonus features that offer bigger chances at bigger wins, and the wild is probably one of the game’s most rewarding. The wild symbol is gold in colour and displays the Gumball 3000 logo.

This symbol not only has the ability to substitute for all other symbols except the bonus symbol, but can also trigger a free spins bonus feature. Once this feature has been activated, the 1st and 5th reels will appear as stacked wilds for a duration of 15 free spins.

Gumball 3000 Bonus Game

The wild is not the only bonus symbol in the Gumball 3000 slot game, with a silver racing symbol available for players to take advantage of. If a player lands 3 or more of these silver symbols in a winning combination they will then activate the bonus game.

Players are then taken to a pick-em bonus round which can be found in many of Play N Go’s releases, where they are prompted to choose a destination in order to reveal a winning amount.

Play n Go Golden Goal

Play N Go Golden Goal Slot

Sports of all forms and variations have become a popular theme for gaming developers and now Play n Go software developer is giving slots fans a taste of the soccer action with the Play n Go Golden Goal online slot game. Now players can enjoy a soccer game of the rewarding kind with this three-reel, one pay-line slot. Think of a real soccer match and all the elements it comprises and you’ve already got the correct idea of what this game includes without even having to enter the slot itself.

No soccer match, or online soccer-themed slot game, is complete without soccer boots, goalkeepers’ gloves, the referee’s whistle and the main item, a soccer ball. All these soccer items are seen as detailed symbols on the reels, with the reel grid neatly laid on top of a brightly green soccer field. The Play n Go Golden Goal online slot game also encompasses all the intense cheer and gusto felt at a real-life soccer game, with the game’s sound effects and winning action bringing this sporting spectacle to players’ screens.

Staying True To The Retro Arcade Format

Although the selection of slot offerings continues to grow, with the latest slot titles bringing new bonus features and ways to win with them, Play n Go has stayed true to the original retro arcade format of older slots and still pushes for their prominence in the slot sphere.

These simple slots were a hot favourite in the past and still remain a firm favourite in the eyes of slot players, and with this in mind, the developer created the Play n Go Golden Goal online slot game. With a simple game set-up and by omitting over-the-top animations and flashy layouts, as well as extra bonus rounds which transport players to and from different screens, this slot keeps it simply and all about winning. No distractions keep the players’ attention only focused on the spins.

Progressive Jackpot, Yes Please

Like most slots from Play n Go, this slot features an awesome progressive jackpot. Progressive meaning that the jackpot bounty continues to grow with every real money bet placed by those playing the Play n Go Golden Goal online slot game slot. As in any slot game, to get the grand jackpot, a player needs to bet on max, which in this game is only three coins. The most important symbol in the game is the golden football icon and landing three of these at one time across the reels, while betting on max, will win you the jackpot.

However, if you’re in it to not win it but are only seeking hours of online entertainment to help you escape the mundane routine of life, why not opt for the free money games available where you can spin the reels for fun. It’s a great way to pass the time, enhance your betting skills and strategies and get you well introduced with the gaming styles and formats of one of the best gaming developers the online casino industry has ever seen.

You can play the Play n Go Golden Goal on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop with the game rendered to each device perfectly.

Play n Go Gift Shop

Play N Go Gift Shop Slot Review

Created by one of the best developers in the online casino world, the Play n Go Gift Shop slots game is as it title suggests, a slot all about gift shops and loved-felt purchases. The symbols in the game feature the common gift items found in a gift shop, as well as other fluffy trinkets and cuddly items made for that someone special.

From red rose symbols, cute teddy bears, boxes of chocolates and a diamond ring symbol, this online game features all the gifts you can imagine. From the two dimensional symbols to the overall design, all beautifully wrapped up in colours of bright pink and orange, the look and feel of this slots games provides the player with an opportunity to immerse in an online world of all that is cuddly and cute.

Easy To Play With Only One Pay line

Completely different to games which offer a million pay lines and ways to win, the Play n Go Gift Shop slot game only features one pay line on a three-reel grid – a slot similar to that of the classic, retro slots machines.

With only one pay line and the easy-to-read pay-table neatly placed next to the three reels on the screen, this slot is perfect for those starting out in the world of online slots. It is also the perfect slot as it is not overcomplicated and bombarded with extra bonus features and money boosters, so gameplay is smooth without any interruptions taking you away from the spinning action.

If you’re a high roller who enjoys alternative five-reel video slots, which boast bonus rounds after bonus rounds, the Play n Go Gift Shop slot game will provide a much-needed break from these where you can take a breather and enjoy basic gameplay.

Progressive Jackpot Up For Grabs

Although this game is simple, what makes it so attractive is its awesome progressive jackpot which grows with every player placing real money bets. In order to claim this amazing jackpot, players must bet on max bet, which is three coins per spin and land three of the shiny diamond symbols on the reels at one time. The diamond is the highest paying symbol in the game and in the Play n Go Gift Shop slot game it is also the wild and replaces all other symbols to create great wins.

Real Money Play Or Free Play Mode

The Play n Go Gift Shop slot game is available at many reputable online casino sites and is available in free play mode, where players can spin the reels for free for hours without spending a cent, or in real money play where bets are done with real money.

The slot game is available for instant play through flash versions or for play in browser, or can be downloaded quickly onto your device of choice. The Play n Go Gift Shop slot game is compatible with most devices on the market, whether PC desktops, mobiles devices or tablets, making for convenient gaming on the go, whenever, wherever.

BlackJack Multi Hand

All About BlackJack Multi Hand

Blackjack is one of the most commonly played casino games, available in virtually every online and real world casino. BlackJack Multi Hand, created by Play N Go, is an online slot game that takes the standard rules of blackjack to a whole new level. In terms of the core game play, the expected rules of blackjack apply. For those who might not be familiar, the game involves the player being dealt two cards.

The values of the two cards are added, and total value determined. The closer the total is to twenty one, the more valuable the hand. The player may, at this point, decide if he would like to stick, or risk drawing another card. If another card is drawn, the value of the new card will be added to the total. If the total exceeds twenty one, the player is bust and loses the hand.

Once the player is satisfied and sticks, the house must then play and attempt to beat the player, achieving a total higher then the player, but still below twenty one. In BlackJack Multi Hand if the player achieves a hand of a picture card, which counts as ten, and ace, which counts as eleven, this is known as blackjack, or a clean twenty one. The player instantly wins.

Multi Hand

In BlackJack Multi Hand an extra layer is added to the game, or multiple layers, depending on how many hands the player decides to have. The player may have one, two, or three blackjack hands running simultaneously, all during a single round. This is not exactly an earth shattering revelation in terms of bending the rules, but what appears to be a simple addition to the game quickly reveals itself to be a tense and interesting twist to the standard rules.

Each of the three hands has its own separate bet, which of course means that the player has to ante up three times. If all three hands win, however, a bonus is paid out, which makes the risk versus reward involved a rather tempting proposition. Take note, however, that no bonus is paid out if only three hands are played. Experimentation will reveal that having three hands versus the house’s single hands are tricky odds, especially in terms of all three hands being successful.

Blackjack Special Rules

Other then the addition of three hands, BlackJack Multi Hand follows all the standard rules. This includes the ace having two values. As players of blackjack will know, the ace may count as either a one or an eleven, depending on how the hand proceeds. If the hand is, for example, an ace and a five, the hand may be read as sixteen. Some may wish to stick on sixteen, depending on what the house seems to have drawn. If, however, the player decides to hit and goes beyond twenty one, the ace may then instead be counted as a one to save the hand from going bust. Use this trick wisely to take advantage of the situation and produce the best possible hand.

Wild Melon

Play ‘n Go Wild Melon Review

Wild Melon is an online slot created by Play ‘n Go, a casino software developer based in Sweden. With headquarters and operations being headed up in Vaxjo, Play ‘n Go has almost 2 decades of experience in the online casino industry. The company was first established in 1997, where it operated as a subsidiary of other larger development firms until 2005.

Today, Play ‘n Go is an independent slots developer with a portfolio of over 50 online casino games, including classic 3 reel slot games like Wild Melon. Many of Play ‘n Go’s games are also fully optimised for mobile casino platforms, and the developer was one of the very first to focus on the creation of mobile slot games.

Graphics, Theme and Wild Melon Design

Wild Melon is one of Play ‘n Go’s simplest online slots. Based on an archetypal fruit slot design, this slot is not unlike the slot machines that players might expect to find at a land-based casino. Playing out over 3 reels and a single payline, the backdrop of Wild Melon is a large green and pink watermelon and several shining yellow stars.

There is a large pay chart to the right of the reels, which displays all possible winning combinations and their payouts for 1 coin, 2 coin and 3 coin bets. The reels are positioned to the left of the screen, along with the large Wild Melon slot logo. Genuine land-based casino sound effects have also been added to this online slot.

Symbols on the Reels

There are several symbols on the reels of Wild Melon, all of which are fruits to keep to the theme of the game. These symbols are watermelons, oranges and cherries. There are three different kinds of cherries on the reels, namely those with 1, 2 and 3 stalks.

As well as payouts for matching cherry symbols, any combination of mixed cherries will also award a payout of up to 15 coins. Landing 3 matching cherry symbols with 3 stalks will award a 150 coin win.

Highest Paying Symbol and Fixed Jackpot

The watermelon is the most valuable symbol on the reels, and will award a payout of up to 10,000 coins for 3 wilds on the payline when playing at maximum bet. When playing at 2 coins per spin, this combination of wild symbols will pay out 2,500 coins, and when playing at 1 coin per spin this payout is reduced to 1,000 coins.

The watermelon wild symbol will also pay out in any position, awarding 200 coins, 500 coins or 1,000 coins when playing at a bet of 1 coin, 2 coins or 3 coins, respectively.

Wild Symbol and Multiplier Feature

The Wild Melon watermelon symbol also acts as a wild throughout the game, and has the power to substitute for any other symbol on the reels to create winning combinations. Whenever the wild symbol forms a part of a matching combination of symbols, it will double the value of that winning combination thanks to a 2x wild multiplier feature.

Triple Chance HiLo

Triple Chance HiLo Casino Game Review

Triple Chance HiLo is a unique odds based online casino game developed by Play ‘n Go. Play ‘n Go is an online casino software developer with headquarters based in the Swedish town of Vaxjo. Play ‘n Go began as a subsidiary of a few more prominent software developers in 1997, and has been operating independently since 2005.

The developer has created over 50 unique games to date, including a wide variety of games for mobile gaming platforms. In fact, Play ‘n Go is the first casino software developer to be credited with entering the mobile gaming market.

The Basics of Triple Chance HiLo

Triple Chance HiLo is a game that may remind many players of the bonus features commonly included in online slots. In this game, each player must predict whether the next spin of each reel will result in a number that was higher or lower than the one displayed before it.

There are 3 reels in Triple Chance HiLo, and each reel displays numbers from 1 to 13. If a player correctly chooses whether the next number on the reels will be higher or lower than the first, they will be paid out accordingly. As always in online gaming, choosing a more unlikely outcome will result in a higher payout.

Interface, Bet Options and Rules

Play ‘n Go’s Triple Chance HiLo plays out against a simple blue and gold interface reminiscent of a classic land-based casino game. The backdrop of the game is striped in blue, and the three reels are positioned slightly to the right of the game screen.

Each reel has two triangular orange buttons at either end; a Hi button above it, and a Lo button underneath it. Players’ balances, bets and recent wins can be seen on the pay table below, and Shuffle and Collect options are displayed to the left of the Triple Chance HiLo reels.

How to Play Triple Chance HiLo

The stakes for each spin in Triple Chance HiLo begin at 0.50 and end at a maximum stake of 5.00 per spin. To begin the game, players need simply press the Start button and pick higher or lower options for each of the reels and the numbers displayed on them.

There are small boxes above each reel that display the potential payout for each choice should players make a successful guess. If a reel displays 1 or 13, it should be noted that players cannot choose a lower or higher number for these reels, respectively.

Shuffle Option and Maximum Jackpot

If a player’s current odds do not look promising, Play ‘n Go’s Triple Chance HiLo also offers the option to shuffle the current numbers on the reels. This shuffle button is positioned to the left of the reel set, and can be used at any time throughout the game.

Triple Chance HiLo contains an average return to player percentage of 96.00%, and offers a maximum jackpot win of 10,000 coins for correct HiLo guesses across all 3 reels.

Space Race

Play ‘n Go Space Race Review

The Space Race was a race between the United States and the Soviet Union that continued from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. The objective of this international race was to see which superpower could gain the lead in the exploration of outer space.

The Soviet Union is credited with sending the first person into space and launching the very first satellite, while the USA was the very first nation to land a man on the moon. This Space Race has become the theme of Space Race, an online slot created by Play ‘n Go. The Space Race online slot plays out over 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines, and offers 2 unique bonus games.

Look, Feel and Space Race Graphics

A backdrop of a multicoloured galaxy is the backdrop of the Space Race slot. Purple and blue nebulae decorate the reels at either side, and the reels and pay table are encased in a metallic silver frame.

Rainbow-coloured paylines flank the reels at either side, and the reels themselves contain a selection of space-related symbols, ranging from the moon to an astronaut, in a realistic style. Appropriate sound effects and animations have also been added to add to the feel of Space Race.

Reel Symbols and Major Payouts

The reels of Space Race from Play ‘n Go contain both classic card symbols and theme related icons. The card symbols include 9, 10, J, Q, K and A in metallic silver lettering. The main reel symbols include an astronaut, a silver satellite, and a bird’s eye view of the Earth and the moon.

The astronaut is the highest paying symbol here, awarding 1,000 coins for 5 of a kind. Next are the satellite and the Earth symbols, which award 500 coins each when 5 land on a payline. The moon awards 250 coins to any player who lands 5 of a kind in the game.

Wild, Scatter and Bonus Symbols

The Space Race logo serves as a wild symbol in this Play ‘n Go online slot. The wild has the ability to fill in for all other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the scatter and bonus symbols.

A meteor shower is the scatter symbol in Space Race, which activates the free spins feature. There is also a spacecraft bonus symbol which activates its own bonus game when 3 or more appear on the reels.

Moon Landing Bonus Game

The Moon Landing bonus game will be triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols in the Space Race base game. Players will compete in a battle grid-style game with the objective of surviving several meteor showers in outer space. Cash wins are on offer for players who can survive the meteors and advance to the next level.

Space Race Free Spins Feature

Space Race also contains a free spins bonus game. When 3 or more scatter symbols land on the reels, players will be awarded 15 free spins with which to play. Additionally, any scatters that land during the free spins will act as extra wilds to create more winning combinations. The free spins cannot be retriggered from within the feature.

Lucky Diamonds

Play ‘n Go Lucky Diamonds Review

Lucky Diamonds is another classic style, retro online slot release from Play ‘n Go. Play ‘n Go is a Swedish software developer with almost 20 years of experience in the industry, having been established in the late 1990’s. The company first operated under a few larger software providers, after which they became dependent in 2005.

Play ‘n Go continues to operate as an independent developer today, creating online slots and casino games for the iGaming market. The developer is also known for their classic 3 reel slot releases like Lucky Diamonds, a gem-themed slot game with 3 reels and just 1 payline.

Graphics, Theme and Slot Design

Lucky Diamonds has been designed to look just like a traditional land-based slot machine game. The reels spin against a striped blue background and a simple interface, with a large pink and blue Lucky Diamonds logo positioned above the reel set.

Diamonds, cherries and bars all make their appearances on the reels, and there is a colourful pay chart to the right of the game screen to inform players of how much each symbol combination is worth. Any winning combinations will be illuminated on this pay chart during the game, and an area below the reels will also inform players of their most recent win. Land-based casino sound effects add to the overall feel of Lucky Diamonds.

Reel Symbols and Higher Payouts

The reels of Play ‘n Go’s Lucky Diamonds slot contain symbols of red sevens, cherries, and single, double and triple bars. There are also diamonds on the reels in accordance with the theme, and these diamonds are the most valuable symbols in the game.

Next most valuable are the red sevens, which award up to 240 coins for 3 on a line when playing the game at maximum bet. This payout is reduced to 160 coins when playing at 2 coins per spin, and 80 coins when playing at 1 coin per spin.

Triple bars will award a payout of up to 120 coins for 3 of a kind, and cherries in any position will also award their own payout, as will mixed bar symbols. Lower payouts include up to 75 coins for double bar symbols, and up to 30 coins for 3 cherries on the reels.

Diamond Wild Symbol and Multipliers

As well as being the highest paying symbol in Lucky Diamonds, the diamond symbol also acts as a wild symbol throughout the game. The purpose of this wild symbol is to substitute for any other symbols on the reels, filling in to help create extra winning combinations.

The diamond wild symbol also acts as a multiplier symbol, and this feature comes into play whenever a wild forms a part of a winning combination. Landing 1 wild symbol in a matching combination will double the value of that win, and landing 2 wilds in a matching combination will quadruple its value.

When 3 of a kind appear on the game’s payline, the diamond wild will also award a fixed jackpot of up to 2,500 coins when playing Lucky Diamonds at maximum bet.

Mayan Riches

Mayan Riches Online Slot      

Mayan Riches is a themed online slot game based on the ancient Mayan civilization of Central America. This slot game was developed and released by IGT. Players get an average Return to Player of between 92.5 % and 94.98%.

Mayan Riches awards a 1000 times your wager jackpot amount and offers players a unique free spins bonus round. This game features 5 reels with 40 pay lines to activate. The pay lines are activated using wager coins that can be adjusted in value in game. Wagers start at 1 and can be increased to 200.

Mayan Riches Free Spins

The unique bonus round in Mayan Riches is a free spins round.  The golden Bonus symbol is the trigger symbol for this. Three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins round. Unlike the other in game symbols, the bonus symbol does not need to be lined up on an active pay line.

Players will get 5 free spins to take. These spins will be taken at the same wager value that was active when the bonus scatter symbols landed on the reels and triggered the bonus round. Additionally, the amount of wild symbols will now be increased and appear stacked on the reels. If three bonus symbols land on the centre reels, the free spins round will be retriggered and the symbols will award a 2x pay out multiplier.

Mayan Riches Wild Symbol

Mayan Riches features a Mayan Pyramid as the wild symbol. This icon has the function of adjusting its value when it is on an active pay line and part of a potential winning combination. The wild symbol will take on the value of any symbol required to complete that winning combination.

If players line up three or more wild symbols on a pay line, they can also win some pay outs. Three wild symbols are worth 50 times your wager. Lining up four wild symbols on an active pay line will pay out 200 times your wager. Five of the wild symbols will award the jackpot pay out of 1000 times your wager.

Mayan Riches Pay Symbols

Mayan Riches features standard card symbols as well as colourful picture symbols that appear on the reels. The standard card symbols consist of a 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. The picture symbols feature two Mayan gold statues, a Mayan King and a Mayan Queen. All symbols require at least three matching symbols on an active pay line before they pay out.

The card symbols pay out between 5 and 150 times your wager. The A and K symbols both offer a maximum payout of 150 coins, while the 9, 10, J and Q symbols offer maximum pay outs of 100 times your wager.

The golden Mayan statues are worth between 20 and 250 times your wager. The Mayan King and Queen however are the highest value standard symbols. They offer between 25 and 400 times your wager as their pay outs. The picture symbols offer great pay outs when combined with the free spin round’s stacked wilds.

Mayan Princess

Mayan Princess Online Slot

Mayan Princess is an online slot title inspired by the ancient lost civilization of the Mayans. The online slot by Microgaming features a great looking temple background and exciting animations. This slot game features an auto play option, a free spins bonus round as well as the Mayan wild symbol. The highest pay out available in standard play is a 5000x your wager jackpot. This game is not available to mobile users. The unique theme and sound effects really add to this slot’s game play.

This slot game takes place across 5 reels and has 20 pay lines that players can activate. Wagers in the slot game start at 0.01. Players can adjust the value of wager coins as well as adjust the amount of coins they wager on each pay line. The highest wager possible is 100. This will activate all the pay lines at maximum wager value.

Mayan Princess Wild Symbol

The Mayan Princess logo that appears on the reels is the in game wild symbol. This symbol will take on the value of any symbol. This happens when the wild appears on an active pay line with a potential winning combination of symbols. The wild will now change its value to any symbol required to complete the winning combination.

The Wild symbol also offers the game’s jackpot pay out of 5000 coins. This jackpot is triggered by landing 5 of the wild symbols on an active pay line. The wild symbol offers pay outs starting at two matching symbols on an active pay line. It pays out 10 coins. Three wilds are worth 300 coins while 4 wilds are worth 5000 coins.

Mayan Princess Free Spins Feature

The Mayan Princess Free spins feature is triggered by the Mayan Pyramid symbol with the golden disk of the Sun rising above it. This symbol is a scatter symbol. This means that as long as you land three or more of these symbols in view on the reels, you can trigger the free spins round. You do not need to line up the symbols on an active pay line. The one criterion though is that the scatters must land on reels 1 and 5 to trigger the free spins round.

Once triggered, players will get between 10 and 20 free spins. These spins are taken at the same wager value that was active when the free spins bo0nus feature was triggered. All wins paid out during the free spins round will have a 2x multiplier attached to them.

Mayan Princess Symbols

The on reel symbols are all themed around the Mayan culture. The highest value symbols include the Mayan Princess herself, the disk of the Sun god and a reclining tiger. These symbols require players to line up at least three matching symbols on an active pay line. The golden Sun disc offers pay outs of between 50 and a 1000 times your wager. The Tiger symbol offers between 100 and 2000 times your wager pay outs. The Mayan princess offers between 200 and 3000 times your wager amount as pay out.