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Online Casino Canada Legalities

Online casino Canada laws with regards to gambling have always been a bit of a grey area but this doesn’t mean that hundreds of thousands of players don’t enjoy partaking in slots, table games and other forms of wagering on the web.

Traditionally, Canada was anti-gambling until around the early 1970’s when the Government made amendments to the Criminal Code and legalized certain wagering activities. In 1985 territories and provinces were granted the rights to decide whether or not they wanted to legalize gambling activities, and many opted for doing so. The regions that allowed gambling generally also started their own lotteries from which they profited and opened casinos.

There’s no definite confirmation as to whether the relaxing of the Criminal Code made online gambling legal but this hasn’t stopped some territories from opening their own online casinos, nor has it stopped players from other areas playing at offshore sites, online. Online casino Canada sites have flourished over the years and they continue to attract players from all across the country.

Understanding the Law

When it comes to understanding online casino Canada law its important to note that no set regulations have ever been put in place with regards to playing on the web, nor has anyone ever been arrested or charged for doing so.

The closest any sort of legal action has ever been inferred was in 2007 when operating casinos from within Indian reservations was deemed illegal and operations were instructed to shut down their servers. The Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve did not comply with this request and was fined 2 million dollars. The Reserve has since appealed the fine and the ruling and continues to fight for the right to operate from within its borders.

The Criminal Code Explained

In order to better understand the online casino Canada laws, knowledge of the Criminal Code is essential. This code is an official description of acts that are deemed criminal and gambling online is not listed anywhere in this code whatsoever. The only time gambling would be illegal is if it was found that the person participating was underage or there are activities taking place that are specifically outlined and relate indirectly or directly to illicit gambling.

Interestingly, the Criminal Code does prohibit online casinos Canada enthusiasts from gambling at sites hosted in other countries, but there are absolutely not mechanisms enforced to regulate or enforce this.

According to online casino Canada law any winnings players may be lucky enough to claim are not taxable, unless the player gambles for a living. If gambling is seen as a type of employment, then winnings may be subjected to taxation.

Playing Online

Sports betting, though illegal in the USA is not illegal in Canada and many online casino Canada sites offer this type of wagering too. The Criminal Code dictates that parlay bets may be placed on 3 or more matches at a time, rather than on individual matches, but there are measures in place to have this ruling overturned and allow of all types of bets.

Players in Canada can also access online poker sites without having to worry about breaking the law and there are a number of options available to all avid card game fans.

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