Druidess Gold Top 20 Slot Overview for Casino Players

Druidess Gold Top 20, by Amaya, is an online slot machine, designed and optimised to be played on mobile devices. As with most slot machines, it requires the player to place a wager, after which they may take a spin. The reels turn, and eventually stop, to show icons. If the icons land in the correct sequence, a payout is given. Some special bonus icons may grant big payouts, or grant free spins. This game may be played for free or real money, as the player prefers. If you wish to play for real money, don’t forget to log in to your account before playing.

Druidess Gold Top 20 Icons

Druidess Gold Top 20 is themed around fantasy magic, featuring a female druid character, as well as a mysterious male magician, a magical book, a sword, candle, raven and a spell weaving staff. The classic numbers, plus jack, queen, king, of playing cards, are also used.

The symbols must be matched either with themselves, or in sequence to payout. If the symbols are matched with a bonus symbol, the druidess, or the green druidic icon, payouts will be higher, and may trigger the bonus jackpot. All icons in this game animate when they are triggered, for an entertaining display, and are accompanied by specific tunes and sounds. A player may know what is happening in a game simply by hearing these sounds.

Druidess Gold Top 20 – Bonus Symbols

The female druid is a wild card, and can be matched with any of the other symbols, or numbers, as a substitute. Matching her with two ravens will make a payout of three ravens, for example. The green druidic icon can match with itself, five times, to create the circle of protection bonus, which can result in enormous payouts. The golden druidess, a rare icon, will lock in place if landed, and remain blocking a position. If enough are gathered, an enormous payout is possible. If the poison icon appears before gathering enough golden druidesses, the bonus will be lost. More detailed information can be found on these winning combinations via the pay button, which is at the bottom of the screen.

Easy User Interface

The game has a simple, easily understood user interface, designed to be usable on a touch screen. The current account balance, as well as the current betting amount, can be seen at the bottom of the online pokies Australia screen. Above these numbers, numbered fifty to two hundred and fifty, are the bet per spin buttons. Tap these to raise or lower the current bet. On the bottom right, represented by a spinning arrow, is the manual spin button. Click this to take one, manual spin. Beside it, on the right, is the auto-spin option. Click this, and the amount of spins you want, to have spins automatically play out without any input from the player. The maximum number of spins allowed with auto-spin is one hundred, and the auto-spin sequence may stop if a major win is achieved.