Difference between desktop and mobile gaming

We can’t really picture life before smartphones but there was a time when your mobile device was limited to a LCD display and couldn’t even connect to the Internet.

Desktop computers were the only devices with enough processing power to run casino games and the only devices that had the software necessary to connect to the World Wide Web.

Then of course we had smartphones and tablets pop out of nowhere with their powerful microprocessors and operating systems that allowed us to explore the Web from the palm of our hands.

Online casino operators saw the new gap in the market and jumped on the chance to provide casino game players the opportunity to access online casinos through mobile devices.

Access Both With One Account

Today you can access the same online casinos with your mobile device that was once the exclusive territory of computers.

Online casinos only require you to have a single account which will let you log in via your home desktop computer or via your smartphone or tablet.

Access The Same Games

The casino gaming selection on mobile and desktop devices are the same. You get Roulette, Poker, Pokies, Blackjack and so many more real money casino classics. When it comes to gaming variety there really is no limitation placed on desktop or mobile players.

Some players may be concerned about compatibility issues which is a very valid concern. Not all devices and operating systems will run every game equally well simply because of the nuanced architecture of the hardware and software.

Fortunately developers have worked hard to iron out all potential kinks and each game will have a compatibility list so you can make sure you won’t pick up issues no matter what device you wish to game on.

The Benefits Of Desktop Gaming

Desktop and mobile gaming is far from the same experience so let’s look at what makes each of these two play methods unique. Firstly the desktop gaming has the benefit of all the additional PC peripherals that you will have access to.

This means you have your mouse for spot on controls, your keyboard for additional shortcuts and easy online navigation and of course a larger screen to look at and some nice speakers to hear the unique online casino sound effects.

These may be seen as cosmetic by some casino players but it all works together to create a unique atmosphere.

The Benefits Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile casino gaming on the other hand gives you the immense benefit of mobility when playing at online casino with NZ Dollars. You can pop out your smartphone and game anywhere you want to. Additionally many people prefer touch screen controls as they feel much smoother and more intuitive.

When it comes to graphics and sound, the games will feature the same standard as their desktop counterparts, you will simply be viewing the action on a smaller, yet still clear screen.

Sound may also be a little lacking for many users unless you pop in a couple of earphones. All in all, the desktop VS mobile debate eventually just comes down to personal preference.