Play’n Go Hole in One Scratch Card Reviewed for Beginners

Gaming developer Play n Go has created many types of online casino games, with every game ticking all the boxes expected of an upmarket, rewarding game. Although primarily known for their impressive selection of slot games, this developer is also now making headway when it comes to online scratch cards. Before delving into the Play n Go Hole in One scratch card game and all of its finer details, it’s important to explain what an online scratch card actually is.

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Overview of Casino War Online Card Game by RTG

For many people, one of the biggest advantages of playing casino games online is being able to access a wide range of games from all over the world. All leading online casinos offer players the chance to play hundreds of casino games in all shapes and sizes. This is how most people come to know the game of Casino War. Powered by Real Time Gaming, this online casino card game is similar to blackjack where players face off against the dealer to win the bet. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at how this unique game works.

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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker by Real Time Gaming

At online casinos, video poker has become one of the most popular game played online. As opposed to table poker, video poker can be played individually against the computer. This means players can log on and play at any time without having to wait for an available table. One of the more popular video poker games is Caribbean Stud Poker. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at the Real Time Gaming version of this classic game, how it works and how to get started playing online.

5 Card Draw with a Twist

Caribbean Stud Poker is played in a similar manner to classic five card draw. The game setup is exactly the same as most online video poker games. The game consists of a single poker table with the dealer situated at the top of the screen and the player at the bottom. In the centre of the table, there are two betting areas, one for the ante bet and one for the raise bet. The game buttons and the player’s chips are located at the bottom of the screen.

How the Game Works

A game of online Caribbean Stud Poker begins with the player placing the ante bet. This can be done by clicking on the chips at the bottom of the screen and then placing them in the ante bet area. Once the player has placed their bet, the dealer will then deal the player five cards facing up and himself five cards with the fifth card facing upwards. The aim of video poker is to beat the dealer by creating the highest poker hand combination possible using the five cards dealt.

Placing the Ante Bet

In Caribbean Stud Poker, once the cards have been dealt, players have the option of folding or raising the bet. By studying their hand as well as the dealer’s one up-facing card, players must decide if they have a winning hand or not. If players fold, they forfeit their ante bet. If a player feel that they have a high scoring hand, they can click on the raise bet which will double the ante bet. Once the player raises the bet, the dealer will reveal his remaining four cards and determine the outcome of the game.

To Fold or to Raise

In a game of Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer must quality with a high card of a king or an ace. If the dealer does not quality, the ante bet is a push and the player wins even money on the raise bet. If the dealer does quality but cannot beat the player’s hand, the player wins even money on the ante bet and a payout according to the poker hand achieved for the raise bet that is displayed on the paytable.

Payouts in Caribbean Stud Poker

In the event of a tie, both the raise bet and the ante bet is a push. The payouts for a raised bet high card win are 1:1. The payouts for a single pair is 1:1 while a two pairs pay out 2:1. Three of a king will pay out 3:1 and a straight 4:1. The higher paying combinations include a flush at 5:1, a full house at 7:1, four of a kind at 20:1 and a straight flush at 50:1. The highest paying hand is a royal flush at 200:1.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker by RTG in Review

When it comes to casino card games, Texas Hold’em poker and casino Hold’em poker have become incredibly popular in both land based and online casinos. The dynamic nature of the game and the use of community cards increases the excitement of the game and draws in players from all over the world. One of the more unique variations on Hold’em Poker is Real Time Gaming’s Caribbean Hold’em Poker. In the notes below, we are going to have a look at how the game works and how to get started playing this popular game online.

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Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand

The Attraction of Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand Video Poker

Deuces Wild video poker has always been one of the most popular versions of video poker. Various types of poker styles provide the basic attraction of these casino machines. The blending of poker with online slot machines was invented all the way back in the 1970’s has made for an extremely widespread, and thoroughly appreciated type of casino game.

Now this has extended to the level of Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand, an advanced, bonus-ridden version of the game that effectively blends a core of poker’s 5 card stud with a good old fashioned slot machine. The result is a video poker game version that has additional features, enhanced bonus and winning offers as well as the opportunity to play multiple hand of the game at the same time.

The Fresh Varieties of Video Poker

Thanks to the input from top game developers such as RTG, players can play a standardised game of video poker such as Deuces Wild, with numerous additional add-ons, at most online casinos. The software is all of a standard and quality that players regard fast paced action, good design and attractive form as the normal condition of play.

The unique aspect to Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand is having the two card, which is also known as the deuce, become a regular wild card. Furthermore, with a Bonus aspect included, players will find that there are enhanced odds offered on any available four of a kind pay-outs. For the player, this means that the statistical features are improved odds when compared to regular video poker, and entertainment levels that are also markedly increased.

Winning Playing Bonus Deuces Wild

Winning hands in Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand are still ranked according to standard poker rules, even though there are some notable additions. These include the Five of a Kind hand ranging from 6s to Kings, a Wild Royal Flush, Five of a Kind made up from 3s, 4s, or 5s, Five of a Kind with Aces. Thanks to the Bonus aspect of the game, and the enhanced Four of a Kind rewards, Four Deuces, or twos, is the third highest hand, Four Deuces with an outside Ace the second highest, but the highest hand of all when playing Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand is still a Royal Flush not using a deuce.

Realtime Gaming, or RTG, being amongst the elite of casino game development, and in this case video poker, has always flirted with the advancing edge of entertaining casino play. Introducing the Multihand concept enables players to play numerous hand at the same time. Since this is a challenging concept, what happens in practice is that players can select the number of hands they wish to play, although the standard setting is three.

The Multihand Addition

Only one of the hands is visible to the player, and the cards that are selected to be kept will apply to all the hands being played concurrently. This means that some additional thinking and consideration is required, but with the base game being Deuces Wild, players are assured of increased winning opportunities. This means that despite the fact that most of the multihands are played unseen, the odds on achieving a win despite this are actually rather remarkable.

Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand there adds substantially to the entertainment factor of video poker at RTG casinos, and although it may be tempting to leap right in and play this game for real money, players should make use of the availability of free games to become comfortable with the mechanisms of a multihand approach before wagering real money.

Bonus Deuces Wild

The Bonus Deuces Wild Attraction

To start off, Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game is intrinsically an entertaining casino game experience since players have two exciting games rolled into one. Poker has universal appeal and a global following, while slot machines are just loved by everyone. Since becoming a thing in the 1970’s, video poker games have delighted audiences with an addictive gaming style, and extremely high returns to player.

Realtime Gaming have never been backward in coming forward with all types of casino games and their range of video poker options is no different. Bonus Deuces Wild starts off with the toe curling feature that deuces, or twos are wild, and can substitute for any other card in creating winning combinations. The game then proceeds to add the white knuckle benefit to players’ potential rewards with the bonus angle, where four of a kind wins receive hugely enhanced prizes.

A Special Video Poker Game

Tempting as it is to launch into a discourse on the relevant merits of the available Bonus Deuces Wild machines, whether players should select an 8/5 or 9/6 machine to best improve their winning ratios, this would not be able to correctly reflect on the special nature of this video poker game. Not special in an institutional lock-up or high-level drugs way, but more in a stand-out from the pack kind of style.

When succumbing to this version of video poker, and in order to begin playing Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game, players first select the number of coins they wish to wager on each hand. This can, and should, be varied in order for players to be able to play the game at the level that suits them best.

Playing the Game

Once dealt, players get to select the cards that they wish to retain in their hand, the others being discarded. Keeping a card in video poker is essentially a simple click, and with RTG games being known for their functionality and intuitive game play, enjoying video poker, and in this case Bonus Deuces Wild, is easy and understandable to accomplish. The incentives in Bonus Deuces Wild are the Bonus aspect referred to in the name of the game, which substantially increases pay-outs with respect to any four-of-a-kind wins.

Bonus Deuces Wild video poker can generally be enjoyed for free at RTG casinos. Players additionally will have access to a downloadable online casino app for full access to unlimited Bonus Deuces Wild free play. When deciding to up the ante and begin playing these very high return to player machines for real money, players will also find a fresh load of offerings available at the RTG casinos and these include large, supportive deposit bonus.

Advantages of this Poker Option

One of the features in Bonus Deuces Wild that players should keep an eye out for, is the change to the pay table that having the twos as a wild card creates. The pay table in this game will therefore feature high paying hands such as Five of a Kind. Hands that are termed natural, relate to whether one of the wild deuces had to be utilised in compiling the winning combination or not. Not using a deuce is going to result in a larger pay-out, but that is off-set against the relative ease of achieving a winning hand that is enhanced through the use of the deuces.

Details about BlackJack Multi Hand for Online Players

Blackjack is one of the most commonly played casino games, available in virtually every online and real world casino. BlackJack Multi Hand, created by Play N Go, is an online slot game that takes the standard rules of blackjack to a whole new level. In terms of the core game play, the expected rules of blackjack apply. For those who might not be familiar, the game involves the player being dealt two cards.

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Triple Chance HiLo

Triple Chance HiLo Casino Game Review

Triple Chance HiLo is a unique odds based online casino game developed by Play ‘n Go. Play ‘n Go is an online casino software developer with headquarters based in the Swedish town of Vaxjo. Play ‘n Go began as a subsidiary of a few more prominent software developers in 1997, and has been operating independently since 2005.

The developer has created over 50 unique games to date, including a wide variety of games for mobile gaming platforms. In fact, Play ‘n Go is the first casino software developer to be credited with entering the mobile gaming market.

The Basics of Triple Chance HiLo

Triple Chance HiLo is a game that may remind many players of the bonus features commonly included in online slots. In this game, each player must predict whether the next spin of each reel will result in a number that was higher or lower than the one displayed before it.

There are 3 reels in Triple Chance HiLo, and each reel displays numbers from 1 to 13. If a player correctly chooses whether the next number on the reels will be higher or lower than the first, they will be paid out accordingly. As always in online gaming, choosing a more unlikely outcome will result in a higher payout.

Interface, Bet Options and Rules

Play ‘n Go’s Triple Chance HiLo plays out against a simple blue and gold interface reminiscent of a classic land-based casino game. The backdrop of the game is striped in blue, and the three reels are positioned slightly to the right of the game screen.

Each reel has two triangular orange buttons at either end; a Hi button above it, and a Lo button underneath it. Players’ balances, bets and recent wins can be seen on the pay table below, and Shuffle and Collect options are displayed to the left of the Triple Chance HiLo reels.

How to Play Triple Chance HiLo

The stakes for each spin in Triple Chance HiLo begin at 0.50 and end at a maximum stake of 5.00 per spin. To begin the game, players need simply press the Start button and pick higher or lower options for each of the reels and the numbers displayed on them.

There are small boxes above each reel that display the potential payout for each choice should players make a successful guess. If a reel displays 1 or 13, it should be noted that players cannot choose a lower or higher number for these reels, respectively.

Shuffle Option and Maximum Jackpot

If a player’s current odds do not look promising, Play ‘n Go’s Triple Chance HiLo also offers the option to shuffle the current numbers on the reels. This shuffle button is positioned to the left of the reel set, and can be used at any time throughout the game.

Triple Chance HiLo contains an average return to player percentage of 96.00%, and offers a maximum jackpot win of 10,000 coins for correct HiLo guesses across all 3 reels.

Play ‘n Go Space Race Online Slot Review

The Space Race was a race between the United States and the Soviet Union that continued from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. The objective of this international race was to see which superpower could gain the lead in the exploration of outer space.

The Soviet Union is credited with sending the first person into space and launching the very first satellite, while the USA was the very first nation to land a man on the moon. This Space Race has become the theme of Space Race, an online slot created by Play ‘n Go. The Space Race online slot plays out over 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines, and offers 2 unique bonus games.

Look, Feel and Space Race Graphics

A backdrop of a multicoloured galaxy is the backdrop of the Space Race slot. Purple and blue nebulae decorate the reels at either side, and the reels and pay table are encased in a metallic silver frame.

Rainbow-coloured paylines flank the reels at either side, and the reels themselves contain a selection of space-related symbols, ranging from the moon to an astronaut, in a realistic style. Appropriate sound effects and animations have also been added to add to the feel of Space Race.

Reel Symbols and Major Payouts

The reels of Space Race from Play ‘n Go contain both classic card symbols and theme related icons. The card symbols include 9, 10, J, Q, K and A in metallic silver lettering at online or Canadian mobile casinos. The main reel symbols include an astronaut, a silver satellite, and a bird’s eye view of the Earth and the moon.

The astronaut is the highest paying symbol here, awarding 1,000 coins for 5 of a kind. Next are the satellite and the Earth symbols, which award 500 coins each when 5 land on a payline. The moon awards 250 coins to any player who lands 5 of a kind in the game.

Wild, Scatter and Bonus Symbols

The Space Race logo serves as a wild symbol in this Play ‘n Go online slot. The wild has the ability to fill in for all other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the scatter and bonus symbols.

A meteor shower is the scatter symbol in Space Race, which activates the free spins feature. There is also a spacecraft bonus symbol which activates its own bonus game when 3 or more appear on the reels.

Moon Landing Bonus Game

The Moon Landing bonus game will be triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols in the Space Race base game. Players will compete in a battle grid-style game with the objective of surviving several meteor showers in outer space. Cash wins are on offer for players who can survive the meteors and advance to the next level.

Space Race Free Spins Feature

Space Race also contains a free spins bonus game. When 3 or more scatter symbols land on the reels, players will be awarded 15 free spins with which to play. Additionally, any scatters that land during the free spins will act as extra wilds to create more winning combinations. The free spins cannot be retriggered from within the feature.

Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot

Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot

Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot is available in live brick and mortar casinos. It can also be found online for real money play. This slot game features a 5 reel, 20 pay line setup. The on reel symbols are all inspired by the game’s Mayan theme. You get a selection of Central American artefacts and a colourful Toucan symbol.

Players can expect an average Return to Player of around 95.16%. The 20 pay lines are activated by the in game wager coins which can have their value adjusted between 2 and 50 per coin. Players can wager a maximum of 1 coin on each pay line. Mayan Moons offer a 5000x your wager jackpot amount.

To simplify game play, players can select the auto play option to setup a set amount of custom spins. Mayan Moons feature a scatter symbols, wilds and a free spins awarding bonus round. You can also make an additional wager on any winning pay out with the game’s Gamble feature.

Mayan Moons Wild Princess Symbol

Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot features a Mayan princess as the wild symbol. When she appears on an active pay line, she will take on the value of any symbol that will complete a potential winning combination. The princess will however not substitute for the blue moon scatter symbol

Mayan Moons Scatter Symbol

Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot features a blue full moon symbol. This symbol not only acts as a scatter symbol, but it will also trigger the free spins bonus game. If three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you can get up to 500x your wager as a prize,

Mayan Moons Free Spin Bonus

Three of the blue moon scatter symbols on the reels will take players to a free spins round in Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot. Players will get 15 free spins to take at the same wager value that was in play when the free spins feature was triggered.

When the free spins round starts, the blue moon scatter symbol will be transformed into a quarter moon symbol. These symbols will become sticky, meaning when it lands on the reels it will remain in place for the duration of the free spins round. Whenever the Golden Sun symbol lands on this quarter moon symbol, an additional bonus prize is rewarded.

The Mayan Moons Symbols

Mayan Moons Novomatic Video Slot features great looking symbols on the reels. You get 5 basic symbols made up of a 10, J, Q, K and A. The 10, J and Q offer maximum pay outs of 50x your wager, with the A and K paying up to 75 times your wager.

The main symbols are a Mayan bracelet, a pan pipe flute, the golden sun symbol, the steps to a Mayan temple and a colourful Toucan. The Toucan is the highest value symbol and can pay out up to 1250x your wager. All symbols require players to line up from left to right at least three matching symbols on an active pay line.