Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport around the world and is where a horse and rider participate in a race on a flat surface or over fences and hurdles.  There is usually much betting involved on the final outcome of the race.  Betting on horse racing may be as simple as merely picking a number and placing a wager, but making an informed decision will require more knowledge and thought.  There is much to learn about betting on horse racing and bettors who are more knowledgeable will have the upper hand when placing a wager.

Factors to Consider when Betting

The first step to placing a wager on horse racing is to choose which race, for example the Pegasus World Cup or the Dubai World Cup.  Once bettors have chosen a race they then need to pick a horse and also make a decision about what type of bet to use.

There are a variety of bets each with different returns so understanding how each bet works is important.  Looking for a reliable and licensed bookmaker is also an important part of betting on horse racing and bettors need to look around for one that offers good value and will also offer good bonuses for new bettors and worthy promotions for current bettors.  The option of betting online has made placing a wager on horse racing much simpler and more convenient and most bookmakers will offer online betting.

Choosing a Horse Racing Bet

Choosing what kind of bet to place is important.  There are a range of bets to choose from and understanding how these bets work will allow bettors to receive a win which pays out the highest dividends.  The types of bets include trifecta, quaddie, daily double, first four, quinella, each way bet and a place bet.

A quinella is choosing the horse to finish in 1st and 2nd place and in any order. The trifecta is picking the horses that will be placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order.  The quaddie is when bettors place a wager on the winners of 4 consecutive horse races.  The daily double bet combines two types of bets across two different races and both the horses must win the race.  First four is choosing horses to come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in that order. The each way bet lets bettors place a wager on the horse to win or a place using the same bet and bet amount.

A place bet is where bettors choose a horse to finish in any of the first three positions.  There are many more horse racing bets to choose from, but these are the main ones.  There are also variations of some of these bets.  The top online horse betting sites  offer detailed help on horse racing bets.

Once bettors have made their decision as to which race, which horse and which bet to use they can then go ahead and place their bet.  They can then sign up at their chosen bookmaker and place their bet.  Signing up should be a simple and easy process.

Horse racing is a popular betting sport and is enjoyed by many bettors.  Doing research and understanding how the races and bets work is the key to a successful win.

Online casino portal

Online Casino Portals

We live in a world that is over saturated with just about everything one can think of. Films; music; cars; and much more, and all of this has created an environment where many feel simply overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. Nothing is truer than this when it comes to the online casino industry. Over the last two decades, the casino market found online has grown exponentially.

There are now thousands of different casino sites available, and thousands more games and sports offered by these sites, and the sheer amount of choice can completely dissuade new players and punters from entering the market.

There are, however, ways to filter out the amount of content available, giving players a much more digestible choice of sites to choose from. One of these ways is known as an online casino portal, and in simple terms, this is a site that offers a full compilation of the best sites around, as well as the different games and services that casinos offer. For our Dubai players, finding a good online casino portal is vitally important, as it gives new Dubai players a clear direction of where to start when entering the market for the very firs time.

Online Casino Portal Common Information

The whole reason for the existence of an online casino portal is to provide information to players. This information can come in different shapes and sizes, but the overall theme is giving players an idea of what to expect and what to look for when looking for a new casino site to sign up with, as well as what kind of games are available and how to move money around online.

The most common types of information players can expect from an online casino portal is what to look out for when choosing a new real money casino slots game, such as what games are the best, the recommended security features, and the best forms of customer support. Additionally, these sites also offer players an insight into the workings of online casinos, how their return policies work, and how players can benefit from using different casinos. There are often guides detailing the various bonuses players will come across online, as well as where to find the best bonuses and how to make the best use of them.

Online Casino Portal Banking Method Information

Banking online is becoming more popular every day, and it is important that players understand how the different banking methods function. Online casino portal websites offer detailed and informative guides on the various banking methods offered by casinos, such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and wire transfers. With these guides, players can find a banking method that suits them best, allowing them to bank securely while successfully avoiding many types banking fees.

Furthermore, online casino portal sites will also give players a breakdown of the more obscure pieces of information that many casino sites will not explain, such as wagering requirements, mobile gaming, and the types of software that these casinos make use of.

Online Casino Portal Overall

Above and beyond everything mentioned, any reputable online casino portal will also have a list of the best casino sites around, as well as all news associated with the industry. Overall, these sites are hubs of information and community activity, and a must for all new players.

Online casino games

Online Casino Games

There are many things to look out for when wanting to sign up to a new, online casino. Security, banking methods, customer support, and many others. At the end of the day, the most important part of any casino is the selection of games that it offers. Online casino games come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the simple video slot machine to massive online poker tournaments. Finding a casino that offers the right game is one thing, but knowing some of the more popular games and how they work can help players decide exactly what kind of online experience they want.

Common Online Casino Games

While modern online casinos offer a massive variety of games to their players, there are some select games that are a staple of any casino’s library. The biggest and most popular by far is the slot games. Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world, and today there are thousands of different types of choose from. Players can find anything from simple, traditional slots to complex games with various mini games included, and, without a doubt, there has never been more choice available to players when it comes to the humble slot.

Poker is another big player in the casino industry, and is so large in some parts of the world that there are entire casino websites that offer nothing but poker. Poker games online can be simple, straightforward games against computer opponents to huge, live poker tournaments that players from around the world take part in.

Players can also expect to find other common online casino games such as blackjack, bingo, roulette, and many others, making a time that many consider the golden age of casino gaming.

Online Casino Games for Free

Playing casino games in the past in land-based casinos always cost money, and it was extremely rare to find anywhere offering free games. The online casino industry could not be more different; where players are able to play just about any game they can think of for completely free. Often, sites will provide their games with a set number of spins or credit, and players are able to enjoy the game as much as they wish. For those that want to play for real money, it only takes creating an account and making a deposit. Once completed, players are free to find a game of their choice and start playing just about anywhere and at any time thanks to the automated nature of most online casino games.

Online Casino Games For Download

Casino games, in general, come in two forms. The first are the ones that are designed for desktop computer use, where players will need to have a computer to play these games effectively. More often than not, the sites offering these games will automatically readjust to just about any screen size, which means players also have the opportunity to play games on tablets or smart phones. Alternatively, players can simply download either a client of the real money roulette casino or the games themselves, which is then stored as an app on the device the player is using.

Online Casino Games Overall

There has never been a time of such a wide choice of online casino games as well as international access to these games thanks to the constantly expanding power of the Internet.

online casino

A Look at Dubai’s Online Casino Options

Playing online casino games can be a rather diverse and exciting prospect. There are lots of things to discover in this field today and so players of Dubai can find a wide variety in this regard. Looking at these options players will realise that they can rather shape their online experience through the number of flexible options available.

This does mean that these players should investigate the different factors that go into such an operation and through this learn to best shape their experiences online.

For players of Dubai the betting scene is growing quite quickly which means the time to get involved is definitely now. With all these online casino options players still have to locate these experiences and match them to what exactly they want out of it all. This means understanding how these sort of online operations tend to work and how then to engage with them in a responsible and safe manner. One of the key things to remember in this pursuit then is that more information is always better, allowing players to refine their approach to the online scene.

The Simple Online Casino Structure for Players

With so many different online casino options available the process of getting involved in this scene is becoming easier and easier. For Dubai online blackjack players these options are rather extensive but at the same time rather simple to interpret and understand. Starting with the security online players involved can uncover the inner workings and reliability of these casino options straight off the bat. This affords a certain piece of mind when engaging online since there is evidence towards the protection of players online. Added to this there are a collection of games attached to each casino option and so players should aim for the games they enjoy when searching for such options. The aspects around such experiences of course get more detailed the further involved players tend to get and so there is often more to discover.

Beginning the Online Casino Experience Immediately

One of the best things about online casino options is that plyers from Dubai can jump into the action anytime they want provided they have made the necessary arrangements online and done the appropriate research. Often casino experiences of this nature are inviting to players because they offer the occasional bonus when new players join them as well as certain reward systems for long term members. This makes the overall experience just that bit more exciting and appealing to players as they begin the process. This aspect also further allows players to get involved rather rapidly, with benefits to support such an option.

Connecting the Players and Online Casino Options

At the end of the day the choice of online casino rests firmly in the hands of players involved. They are in control of the aspects that they most want to see when they start their online experiences and so therefore are the only ones that can settle on a particular option that appeals to them. With this in mind players from Dubai can enjoy shopping around the web for such options and opportunities until they find one that works best.

casino online

Dubai’s Variety of Casino Online Possibilities

The different options around casino online experiences is constantly growing and players are offered a wide variety of possibilities through this. The range of these options is important because players can then shape their own experiences online and essentially create their perfect casino through this.

Though the options available vary across the board, a good number are rather intuitive to the process and therefore tied to the entire operation. This means that players can experiment with the options to a degree and find comfort in the options that remain important throughout.

When taking a look at Dubai’s casino online experiences there are a couple of aspects that require particular attention. This involves the aspects that have become second nature to the online environment as a whole. Aspects like the safety and security involved online as well as the various factors around the banking options online that players can use to either deposit or withdraw funds. These are no longer the daunting task they once were however, as more and more options online make these easy to visualise and take note of. Beyond this there are also the more casino specific online options to involve.

Starting the Online Casino Search and Investigation

When shopping around for the ideal Dubai slots casino online options players will encounter a medley of different experiences. In order to avoid the chaos then players should start from the beginning and work their way through the process from the ground up. This starts with identifying the safest casino options found online.

Today these options boast wildly about their transparency and security offered to players involved. This means that players don’t have to spend much effort in finding options that they can be sure are cared for and maintained. Added to this security aspect is that of general player support offered through the particular casino online which makes the experience a good deal easier to understand.

Including the Other Casino Aspects in Searches

When players from Dubai have narrowed down their options around secure casino online experiences they can start to look into the added benefits attached to such options. These various factors relate to the actual gaming experience found through these casinos and the variety within this. Primarily the choice of players involved, this option plays a significant role in the overall experience had. This means that a certain amount of exploration on the topic is necessary for those perhaps unfamiliar with some of the choices involved. Beyond the gaming players also have the aspects around bonuses and even platform to choose from and include in their assessment of the scene.

Completing the Online Casino Package Available

With the industry of casino online options it is important to remember that the scene involved is constantly growing and changing. This means that Dubai’s players should essentially keep an eye out for any new innovations and improvements made in this field. With a cautious eye on the proceedings players can be sure that they have the best possibilities available to them at any moment.


Lights Online Slots

Lights hold great significance in Asian culture, particularly so in Chinese culture.  The Chinese lantern is recognised the world over, and started out as a mere practicality, being an alternative to the previously used open flame.  Open flames were often extinguished by the wind and were also known to have started fires.  The lantern was a welcome improvement – also providing a softer and more ambient form of light.

Lanterns and Lights soon evolved into elaborate cultural symbols.  They not only provided a more attractive form of light, but also became symbols of artistic expression.  Artists competed in order to create lanterns of superb and delicate beauty.  Some historians are of the opinion that the street light as it is known in the Western word, originated from contact with China, where lanterns and lights had long been used to light entrance ways and doors to homes.

During the Chinese Lantern Festival, riddles are written on lanterns.  The answer must then be guessed by passersby.  This creates a festive and interactive spirit.

Lights is an online video slot in honour of the significance and beauty of Chinese lanterns and features 5 reels and 9 fixed paylines, as well as floating wilds and a Free Spins Bonus Game found at most River Belle Casinos.

Symbols That Light Up The Night Sky

Symbols include a selection of beautifully embellished Chinese lights.  The red lantern is a true showcase of Chinese tradition, with Chinese dragons embossed into its surface.  Landing 5 or more of the red lanterns on any payline is worth 1 000 credits.  The orange lantern is in no way inferior to the beautiful red lantern.  The light that emanates from the orange lantern is soft and comforting, and carries an award of up to 750 credits.  Next in line is the emerald green lantern – 5 of these will add 500 credits to the player’s bankroll.  The calming blue lantern follows closely at 400 credits for the same trick, and the passionate purple lantern rolls in at 300 credits for 5 in a row.

Playing card symbols appear on the reels too, and represent the lower value paying symbols.  The playing card symbols are designed a typical Asian font, and appear to be lit up from the inside.  Cards include the number 10 as well as the Jack, Queen, King and Ace – the Ace being the highest paying card symbol.

Lights Floating Wilds Feature

The Floating Wilds Feature is wonderfully animated.  During every spin, Fireflies play on the reels, activating Floating Wilds.  2 to 4 Floating Wilds appear at random during every spin.  Wilds will substitute for all standard symbols.  The scatter symbol is the exception to the rule.

Lights Free Spins Bonus Game

The scatter symbol is the Yin-Yan symbol.  Instead of the usual black and white, it is animated and drawn beautifully in orange, red and pink.  The scatter is the key to activating the Free Spins Bonus Game.  3 scatters anywhere on the reels will activate 10 free spins, 4 will trigger 20 and 5 scatter symbols carry a reward of 30 free spins.

During the Free Spins Bonus game, up to 6 Floating Wilds appear at random during any one spin.

Roaming Reels

Roaming Reels Online Slot Game

Roaming Reels is a five reel Ainsworth slots game that began as a land based slot machine. There is an African theme with a background landscape of a sunset over the roaming African plains and symbols represented by various African animals, paw prints, trees and an outline of the African continent.

Roaming Reels is available for online and mobile play and offers a 1 000x jackpot. There is a maximum of one hundred pay lines available to play. Up to one hundred coins are allowed per spin with bets starting at 0.01. The maximum coin value is set at a denomination of 0.75.

Pay Outs for the Regular Reel Symbols

There are eleven regular symbols in the Roaming Reels online slot game. These include the standard nine through to ace icons, paw prints, gazelles, emus, zebras and the outline of the African continent. Winning combinations are only paid for on enabled pay lines and must consist of three to five matched up symbols starting on the left reel.

The nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace icons along with the animal paw prints represent the lower paying symbols. They pay out 5x, 10x, 15x, 50x and 100x the pay line bet for three to five matched up symbols. The top four paying symbols are the gazelles, emus, zebras and African outline. These symbols pay out 5x, 50x, 75, 100x, 200x, 300x and 1 000x for three to five matched up symbols. The African outline pays the 1 000x jackpot prize which is one of the biggest slots jackpots available at

Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols

The lion symbol is the Roaming Reels online slot game’s substituting wild symbol. The lion symbol only lands on the middle three reels but may appear stacked if it does. The lion will stand in as any symbol missing from a winning combination on an enabled pay line. It will however not replace a scatter symbol. The lion symbol on its own does not pay out.

The scatter symbol is represented by the tree. Being scatter symbols they do not need to appear on any particular positions on the reels but there must be at least three in view to trigger the Roaming Reels online slot free spins bonus and be awarded a scatter pay out. The scatter symbol pay outs are 2x, 10x and 100x the total bet for three, four and five scatter symbols.

Playing the Free Spins Bonus Game

Eight, twelve or twenty free spins are triggered for landing three, four or five scatter symbols. Another five free spins may be given for another three or more scatter symbols landing during the bonus game. The bet placed on the spin that triggered the free spins bonus game is in play for all free spins in the round.

While the Roaming Reels online slot free spins bonus game is in play, the wild symbol, represented by the lion, only land on reels one; three and five. The animal paw print symbol also becomes stacked during the free spins bonus game and pays out a special multiplier of 20x for three as opposed to the 5x award of the main game.

Mustang Money

Mustang Money Online Slot Game

Mustang Money is an online slot themed around the mustang horses that roam in the wild of North America and, of course, money. The reels are golden and are set before a red sunset. The theme is further portrayed by the symbol images that include soaring bald eagles, cactus plants, dollar signs, burning gold bars and more.

Mustang Money is an Ainsworth slots game playable online and on mobile. It has five reels and three rows of themed symbols as well as Ainsworth’s standard high value playing card icons. The online slot has up to one hundred pay lines that allow one coin valued from 0.01 to 0.75 on each on real android slots games.

The Regular Winning Symbol Combinations

The top Mustang Money pay out is 1 000x the pay line bet. This is awarded for five dollar sign symbols. 100x and 25s pay outs are paid for four and three dollar signs respectively. The remaining four themed symbols pay out from 5x to 300x the pay line bet for three to five of a kind on activated pay lines. These include a canyon view, the soaring bald eagle, burning gold bars and the cactus plants.

The typical ace, king, queen, jack, ten and nine playing card icons pay left to right for three to five of a kind landing on an active pay line. These symbols are worth pay outs ranging from 5x up to 100x the pay line bet.

Special Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Mustang Money online slot wild symbol is the horse that appears flaming. This is a standard wild symbol that replaces symbols missing from winning combinations on active pay lines. The wild symbol will not be a replacement for the scatter symbol or the special coin symbol that is present in the bonus feature. There is no award for these symbols landing on their own.

The scatter symbol pays regardless of where it lands but there must be three, four or five anywhere on the reels for the pay out to be awarded. At least three scatters will also trigger the free spins bonus feature. These symbols are the Mustang Money online slot logo symbols that pay out 2x for three, 10x for four and 100x for five. Scatter pay outs are multiplied by the total bet.

Free Spins with Multiplier Feature

The Mustang Money online slot game free spins bonus feature is triggered with ten free spins regardless of whether three, four or five scatters are present. The standard free spins rules apply with them all being played immediately on the triggering bet. Five more free spins may be re-triggered with at least three scatter symbols appearing again.

A special gold coin symbol is present during the free spins feature which acts as an extra type of wild symbol. The gold coin symbol that lands on the second reel applies a 1x or 2x multiplier to any win it is involved in while the gold coin symbol that appears on the fourth reel applies a 1x or 5x multiplier. If two gold coin symbols are present in one winning combination the win is multiplied by both coins multipliers.

King Chameleon

King Chameleon Online Slot Game

Powered by Ainsworth Gaming Technology, King Chameleon has the standard Ainsworth slots setup of five reels and one hundred pay lines with wild symbols and a free spins feature that offers extra wilds and multipliers.

The King Chameleon online slot is themed around a chameleon in his natural habitat. He is accompanied by various other jungle creatures such as frogs, butterflies, birds and lemurs. The background is colourful and has two totem poles on either side of the screen.

How to Play King Chameleon

There is the standard betting range for the King Chameleon online slot game with a maximum of a 100 coin bet per spin. The coins may be set at varying values that range from the minimum of 0.01 and end at the maximum of 0.75.

All pay lines run in the direction of left to right. In order to receive a pay out for a winning combination the pay line must be bet on and must consist of three, four or five of a kind symbols. All of the winning symbol combinations pay out according to the value of the particular symbols and the value of the pay line bet.

The jackpot prize in the King chameleon online slot game, or known as Spielautomaten at online casinos in Germany, amounts to up to 1 000 000 coins for five of the tall tree scatter symbols with the maximum bet having been played.

King Chameleon Stacked Wild Symbols

The chameleon symbol is the King Chameleon wild symbol that may substitute for any missing symbol needed to make a winning combination on an active pay line. Chameleons do not however substitute the special scatter symbols.

The chameleon symbols only ever land on the third, fourth and fifth reels during the base game play but when they do they may become stacked wilds and cover up to three positions on that specific reel. Apart from the symbol combinations containing a wild symbol there are no pay outs for this symbol when it appears on a pay line alone.

The King Chameleon Free Spins Bonus

A tall tree is the scatter symbol in the King Chameleon online slot game. At least three should be seen anywhere on the reels to activate the free spins bonus round and be given eight free spins along with scatter pay outs which are paid as per the online slot game’s pay table. Only an additional five free spins can be re-triggered by landing two scatter symbols on the first two reels. These are the only reels this symbol will ever land on during the free spins bonus round.

An additional feature of the free spins bonus round is the addition of a gold chameleon symbol. This is another wild symbol that will only ever be seen on the third reel. When this symbol appears on reel three it comes with a 1x multiplier and remains in position for the following free spins. Every subsequent free spin results in an increase of the multiplier which is capped at a 5x limit. If any free spins remain after the 5x multiplier has been reached, the same value of 5x will apply until the bonus round is over.

Play n Go Irish Gold

Play N Go Irish Gold Slot Overview

Innovative gaming developers Play n Go really do know how to combine classic themes with classic slot designs and formats to create revamped gaming titles which never become out-dated, but continue to stand the test of time. A classic theme used on slots time and time again is ‘The luck of the Irish’ – the theme which brings leprechauns and pots of gold to screens.

The Play n Go Irish Gold slot game is a classic, simple slot much like the old land-based slot machines. When it comes to slots, the word ‘classic’ means simple gameplay but in no way suggests that the game is boring or sits lower on the graphically or fun scale. If anything, the retro slot machines of yesteryear and the revamped classics of today possess this excitement and suspense now lost on some of the newer slot releases. Classic slots bring that feeling of sitting in a pub, watching the fruits and single or double bars spin around and around and a feeling of nostalgia.

Details Of This Slot

The Play n Go Irish Gold slot game features three reels and five unfixed pay lines. It is a medium volatile slot that pays out smaller amounts but more frequently, with winnings adding up over time. According to research, you can expect a theoretical return of 96.01 per cent, which is not bad compared to other slots of this nature. Like most other slots, payouts are from left to the right and are awarded when matching combinations appear on the reels.

This slot is suitable for both high rollers and penny-wise players, with bets starting from as small as 0.25 all the way up to five credits per pay line at your favourite online casino NZ gambling sites. So if you’re betting on maximum and using all the pay lines, you will end up betting a total of 25 credits per spin.  However, as all slot players know, the higher the bet, the bigger the payout. Players can opt to play with one, two, three, four or five pay lines. The Play n Go Irish Gold slot game also has an autoplay option where players can sit back and watch the reels spin automatically.  Players can play this slot online using a desktop PC, a mobile device or a tablet. The jackpot on this slot is 5 000 credits.

Reel Symbols And Values Described

As the slot title suggest, the Play n Go Irish Gold slot game is all about Irish charm and luck and each reel symbol adds to the overall theme. The colourful and slightly cartoonish symbols also include the silver, gold and bronze bar icons. The pot of gold is the highest symbol in the game and if players get one, two, three, four or five of these symbols on the reels then they will be rewarded with 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 or 5000 credits respectively.

If you get three leprechauns landing cheerily on the reels on the Play n Go Irish Gold slot, then your line wager will be multiplied by 50. When it comes to other symbols and multipliers, a 30x multiplier is awarded for three bars on the reels; 20x for three silver bars and a 10x multiplier for three bronze bar symbols.

The pot of gold is also the wild in the game and replaces other symbols on the reels to create awesome winning combos. The four-leaf clover in the Play n Go Irish Gold slot is the Scatter, and instead of awarding free spins, it awards different multipliers.