Difference between desktop and mobile gaming

We can’t really picture life before smartphones but there was a time when your mobile device was limited to a LCD display and couldn’t even connect to the Internet.

Desktop computers were the only devices with enough processing power to run casino games and the only devices that had the software necessary to connect to the World Wide Web. Continue reading “Difference between desktop and mobile gaming”

Smartwatch Casino Games Explained for NZ Players

New Zealanders love their gadgets, and as such smartwatches have seen a fair amount of success in the region.

After all, there is no better companion to a person who likes to jog, get remote access to their phone, or just a person who prefers not to fumble about when driving. Continue reading “Smartwatch Casino Games Explained for NZ Players”

Blackjack Tournaments Explained for Online Casino Players in NZ

Blackjack tournaments have been around for quite a while and these tournaments have been taking place in land-based casinos all round the world.

At the end of the 20th century these Blackjack tournaments lost their popularity for a while as casinos no longer offered them as they usually drew card counters. Continue reading “Blackjack Tournaments Explained for Online Casino Players in NZ”

A Comprehensive Guide for Casino Gamblers to Playing Pokies

Most people know the difference between games based on luck and games based on skill. As games go, pokies is one of the most luck-based ones out there – meaning whether or not you win is not in your hands but more in the hands of fate.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to improve your chances. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide for Casino Gamblers to Playing Pokies”

Let’s Have a Detailed Look at Online Casino Security

In any activity that involves sums of money changing hands, security is of tantamount importance.

But on the Internet, where it is so easy to be duped and where fraudsters can hide behind any number of smokescreens to avoid getting caught, it is even more pertinent. That is why online casino security is currently under particular scrutiny. Continue reading “Let’s Have a Detailed Look at Online Casino Security”

Bonuses at Online Casino Sites

No deposit online casino bonus offers are the buzz words currently trending on the internet as far as online gambling is concerned.

The no deposit online casino bonus is used by online casino sites as an advertisement tool and a marketing magnet in order to attract new business  Examples of no deposit online bonuses include Free Cash, Free Play and Free Spins. Continue reading “Bonuses at Online Casino Sites”

A Guide for You to Playing at Online Casinos New Zealand

The growing popularity of online casinos New Zealand is a steady platform that is accelerating online gaming options available to Kiwis.

Technological innovation coupled with total convenience affords players from New Zealand with thrilling Online casinos, which are available across a multitude of devices. Continue reading “A Guide for You to Playing at Online Casinos New Zealand”


During the Middle Ages swimming used to be one of the agilities of knights and this included having to swim with their armour on.  In the 1830’s swimming became a competitive sport in England and in 1828 the first public indoor swimming pool was opened.

Later in 1837 the National Swimming Society used to hold swimming competitions and the sport became increasingly popular. Continue reading “Swimming”

Explaining about Horse Racing at Sunshine Coast for Bettors

The Sunshine Coast racecourse, also known as Corbould Park is situated in Brisbane Australia. Its surface is the first of its kind in the country, being a mixture of turf and synthetic grass.

This surface has proven to be safer for jockeys, as well as kinder on horse’s legs than a plain turf track. Continue reading “Explaining about Horse Racing at Sunshine Coast for Bettors”