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Sic Bo Explained

Sic Bo Explained

Sic Bo is a dice game of Chinese origin, similar to Craps. It is not as popular as Craps in the West, but in the East it is certainly the king of dice games. If you are new to dice games, Sic Bo may be a good place to start as it is easier to understand and simpler than Craps. However, it still requires a little time to understand the rules fully. And while the outcome is primarily based on luck, it helps to know how to play smart.

The Table

Sic Bo is generally played with three dice, which are rolled on a real or virtual table. The board may look complex, but the game actually just works on the outcome of the throw. Players place their bets on certain areas of the table, or clicking on them in online versions. The place on the table simply indicated the bet that you are placing. Take a little time to study the board to make sure you understand the different bets you can place. Once you understand the table, the rest is easy.

The Rules

Players bet on their predictions of the outcome of the dice roll. There are a number of different bets players can place. Because each of these have different levels of probability, they have different payouts. The different types of bets are:

  • Simple Bet: Players bet on a number between 1 and 6, and win the bet if the number appears on one of the dice.
  • Big Bet (>10): Players win if the total sum of the numbers on the dice is greater than or equal to 10.
  • Small Bet (<11): Players win if the total sum of the numbers on the dice is smaller than or equal to 11.
  • Double Bet: Players win if at least two of the dice display a chosen number between 1 and 6. Similar to the simple bet but with lower odds and a higher payout.
  • Triple Bet: Here, the player only wins if the number is shown on all three dice.
  • Any Triple Bet: Players win if all three dice show the same number, regardless of what that number is.
  • Total Bet: The player bets on a number between 4 and 17 (3 and 18 are covered by triple 1 and triple 6) and wins if the sum total of the dice is that number.
  • Pair Bet: The player bets on a two number combination, and wins if these two numbers appear on two of the dice.

In Sic Bo, players can lay as many wagers they like on one roll.


Sic Bo is a luck game. Unless you are one of those very few people who can influence where the dice land up by how they throw, there is little you can do to influence the outcome of a game. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart in how you play.

Get Online

First of all, for a newbie, it’s a good idea to start online as the tables at brick and mortar can be intimidating and cause you to lose your head. In addition, you can play some free games to get to grips with the game before wagering real money.

Exercise Caution

Most gambling is about balancing risk and reward. But when it comes to luck based games, playing it safe is usually a good idea. That way, if you stay in the game and leave on a high, you can ensure that you don’t leave with empty pockets. Go for the bets with less of a house edge, and your payout won’t be as high, but it will be more likely to occur, and you won’t lose as much if you do lose. The two bets with the lowest house edge, at only 2.8%, are small bets and big bets. Combination bets also have a fairly low house edge.

Go Play!

Now that you understand the rules and have some strategy up your sleeve, what are you waiting for? Get started. Sic Bo is a fun game for beginners, and anyone looking for something a little different.

Difference between desktop and mobile gaming

Difference Between Desktop And Mobile Gaming

We can’t really picture life before smartphones but there was a time when your mobile device was limited to a LCD display and couldn’t even connect to the Internet.

Desktop computers were the only devices with enough processing power to run casino games and the only devices that had the software necessary to connect to the World Wide Web.

Then of course we had smartphones and tablets pop out of nowhere with their powerful microprocessors and operating systems that allowed us to explore the Web from the palm of our hands.

Online casino operators saw the new gap in the market and jumped on the chance to provide casino game players the opportunity to access online casinos through mobile devices.

Access Both With One Account

Today you can access the same online casinos with your mobile device that was once the exclusive territory of computers.

Online casinos only require you to have a single account which will let you log in via your home desktop computer or via your smartphone or tablet.

Access The Same Games

The casino gaming selection on mobile and desktop devices are the same. You get Roulette, Poker, Pokies, Blackjack and so many more real money casino classics. When it comes to gaming variety there really is no limitation placed on desktop or mobile players.

Some players may be concerned about compatibility issues which is a very valid concern. Not all devices and operating systems will run every game equally well simply because of the nuanced architecture of the hardware and software.

Fortunately developers have worked hard to iron out all potential kinks and each game will have a compatibility list so you can make sure you won’t pick up issues no matter what device you wish to game on.

The Benefits Of Desktop Gaming

Desktop and mobile gaming is far from the same experience so let’s look at what makes each of these two play methods unique. Firstly the desktop gaming has the benefit of all the additional PC peripherals that you will have access to.

This means you have your mouse for spot on controls, your keyboard for additional shortcuts and easy online navigation and of course a larger screen to look at and some nice speakers to hear the unique online casino sound effects.

These may be seen as cosmetic by some casino players but it all works together to create a unique atmosphere.

The Benefits Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile casino gaming on the other hand gives you the immense benefit of mobility when playing at online casino with NZ Dollars. You can pop out your smartphone and game anywhere you want to. Additionally many people prefer touch screen controls as they feel much smoother and more intuitive.

When it comes to graphics and sound, the games will feature the same standard as their desktop counterparts, you will simply be viewing the action on a smaller, yet still clear screen.

Sound may also be a little lacking for many users unless you pop in a couple of earphones. All in all, the desktop VS mobile debate eventually just comes down to personal preference.

Are Pokies All About Luck?

Are Pokies All About Luck?

Most people know the difference between games based on luck and games based on skill. As games go, pokies is one of the most luck-based ones out there – meaning whether or not you win is not in your hands but more in the hands of fate. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to improve your chances.

There are some people who seem to continuously beat the odds, and while they don’t win every time, they seem to always walk away with heavy pockets. So what is their secret? Well, there is no big secret. But there are a few tips and tricks that can help you leave with more than you came in with, most of the time.

Know Your Machines

Before you decide where to go to play pokies, find out which machines in your area will give you the best payouts. You can find websites online that tell you the payout percentages of pokie machines at different casinos. Get this information if you can – payouts on pokies range between 80-98% – a big difference. You want to be playing on the 98% machines if you can.

Once in the casino, look at the size of the jackpots for different machines – and go for the ones with the smallest jackpots. Smaller jackpots mean they are more frequent, and you are much more likely to walk away with money than on a machine with a big jackpot. However, another thing to weigh up against this is that the higher the denomination of the machine, the more payouts they give. So you should always try and pick the highest denomination machine but one with the smallest jackpots.

Lastly, always pick a machine in a premium, high visibility location. Casinos generally place machines with higher payouts in high visibility areas, to entice people to play. Take advantage of this marketing strategy!

Decisions, Decisions…

Once you have decided on your machine, you are ready to begin. The first decision to make is your credit level. Most machines only pay bonuses and progressive jackpots if you play max credits, so always choose this option. If you bet the maximum, your payouts will be higher if you hit the jackpot.

The next decision you are likely to have to make is what to do once you start winning or losing. The tips here are all about gambling smart. Decide on your maximum budget and come in with that amount in cash. If you win, pocket the cash, and following that, only play from your initial bankroll. That way, you can’t walk out empty handed. If you are on a losing streak, but still within your budget, lower your bet size. This will buy you time to get the odds in your favour. But always stop when you reach the end of your budget and come back another day. You’ll have a lot more fun that way, and fun is what pokies are all about.

Staying Safe When Playing Online

Staying Safe When Playing Online

In any activity that involves sums of money changing hands, security is of tantamount importance. But on the Internet, where it is so easy to be duped and where fraudsters can hide behind any number of smokescreens to avoid getting caught, it is even more pertinent. That is why online casino security is currently under particular scrutiny.

Casino Security Over Time

In days gone by, casinos had little regulation and guests had to worry not only about being cheated by fellow players, but about the fairness of the casino itself. Today, live casinos are strictly regulated and monitored by government agencies, and use the latest in security systems and identification software. Players can trust that both their deposit and winnings are safe, and can get on with what they are there for – gambling. Online casinos are a much newer kid on the block, and when they first appeared they were not as secure and regulated as live casinos. However, the online casino industry is currently undergoing something of a safety revolution.

Online Security Over Time

In the early days, the Internet was not a very secure place in general. Although fraudsters were perhaps not yet as wily as they are today, it was much easier for them to get away with crimes, as the Internet was very lacking in rules and regulations. However, over time, the Internet has become more structured and regulated. As it becomes a more and more popular medium, users want to be sure that they are safe. Online gamblers want this too. Online casinos have changed as a result, from loosely regulated entities to well established corporations that are closely monitored and place emphasis on providing players a safe and secure environment.

How To Stay Safe

Although online casinos in general are a lot more secure than they were some years ago, there are still untrustworthy sites out there. Always check that the online casino you want to play at has a license issued from a credible jurisdiction. In order to maintain these licenses, casinos have to submit their games and systems for regular auditing. Thus, you can know you are secure if you stick to licensed, regulated sites. You should also check the information about security the online casino has on their website. It is important for the site to use a truly random number generator (RNG) for their decks of cards and slot reels, otherwise the game could be subject to outside interference. Really trustworthy casinos will employ independent companies to verify their RNG and make this verification information readily available on their websites.

If you can, you should also go for a casino that has the the latest systems of encryption to keep your private information safe. In addition, always use the trusted casino banking methods, such as credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Casino security is a lot better than it was in the past, but that is no reason to stop being careful yourself. If you make all the right decisions, you can enjoy playing without fear.


Swimming Betting

During the Middle Ages swimming used to be one of the agilities of knights and this included having to swim with their armour on.  In the 1830’s swimming became a competitive sport in England and in 1828 the first public indoor swimming pool was opened.  Later in 1837 the National Swimming Society used to hold swimming competitions and the sport became increasingly popular.

In 1880 the Amateur Swimming Association was established which became the national governing body over more than 300 swimming clubs across England. Swimming has been part of the Olympic Games since 1896 and continues to be one of the most watched events in today’s Olympic Games.

Major Swimming Events

There are not many sports betting sites offering wagers for swimming.  If they do offer swimming it is usually the major ones such as the European Championships (best European swimmers swim against other European swimmers to decide the best swimmer on the continent), FINA World Championships (5 day swimming event where swimmers from all around the world compete) and the Olympics (held every 4 years where swimmers can kick start their career).  Most of the bets placed on swimming are usually moneyline bets and here bettors bet on the outcome of a single race.  The favourite to win is usually given low odds while the underdog is given high odds.  This helps to increase betting on either side.

Making the Right Bet

Once bettors have committed themselves to betting on swimming the best things to do is to learn as much as possible about the sport and the competitors.  Knowing who the best swimmers are and the different types of swimming races will increase the odds of winning.  Finding information about swimming events and who is taking part is very easy.  All of this information can be found on the internet.  Bettors can find all sorts of valuable information this way which will help them make good decisions when placing a bet.  Those bettors who do not do their homework will find that they are not successful.  Just picking a name that is familiar without doing some research will usually end up in a loss.  Putting some effort into making a decision will benefit bettors in the short and long term for the best online sports betting.

As mentioned, it is the major events which receive the most publicity and it is these events which can be found on the sports betting sites.  Most of the sportsbooks will only offer wagers during these major events which means bettors must look out for these.  During the major events bettors will find it easy to place bets on swimming because of all the attention of the events which means much more betting and more money for the sports betting sites.

Swimming events that are commonly bet on are the free style events, butterfly, breastroke and backstroke.  Bettors wanting to place wagers on these should do careful research as to which competitors excel at these different strokes.  Good information to have when wanting to place a bet on a particular swimmer is knowing the age, competitive career, swimming record, any injuries or any other information which would pertain to their overall performance.

Many factors influence a betting decision which makes betting on swimming not an exact science.  Just because all of the information looks good does not guarantee a win.  Bettors should be careful to only bet what they can afford.

Sunshine Coast

Horse Racing at Sunshine Coast Corbould Park

The Sunshine Coast racecourse, also known as Corbould Park is situated in Brisbane Australia. Its surface is the first of its kind in the country, being a mixture of turf and synthetic grass. This surface has proven to be safer for jockeys, as well as kinder on horse’s legs than a plain turf track.

Sunshine Coast is an all weather track thanks to its one of a kind surface and this means that races take place all year round, with no restrictions whatsoever. The mixture of grass and synthetic can be run on even in the most inclement weather, which in turn means fewer race cancellations.

Track Atmosphere

The Sunshine Coast racecourse promotes itself as an exclusive events venue. Restaurants and entertainment are situated around the complex, as well as a dedicated TAB and betting area. There are several bookies based at the track offering a variety of odds on various races.  Race days are marketed as adult events, with classy dress codes and wagering.

Races are held twice a week in summer on every Sunday and selected Friday nights. The Friday night racing is a popular event with a good turnout and a great atmosphere and is a favourite with young and old punters alike.

Significant Races

The main races held at the Sunshine Coast are the Caloundra Cup Carnival which is a series of races ranging from 1200m up to the actual Cup which is run over 2400 meters. The main race is listed and attracts horses from all over the country, providing a full field with good betting options at Australian betting sites.

In the past horses such as the very good mare Zennista have won the cup and gone on to race in black type and group one races elsewhere in the country.

Advantageous For Punters

The Caloundra Cup is an advantageous carnival for punters as it is raced right at the end of the racing season. This means that there has been plenty of time throughout the year to watch horses and jockeys and analyse their form.  The Cup comes at the tail end of the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival, after the Tattersall’s Tiara Day and Ipswich Cup, both of which are listed races, which combined with the Caloundra Cup, for part of a winning streak that trainers aim for.

Placing A Bet

If you do not wish to brave the crowds and dress up for the race day down at the track, there is always the option to place a bet online with one of the betting sites that offer odds on the Caloundra Cup. These sites can be found using your web browser. Many sites also have a mobile option or app, which means that one can place a bet on a horse at the Cup from anywhere that you are.  Be sure to check out a number of different sites before settling on one if you have not used online betting before. Different sites may offer different odds depending on their member’s wagers as well as tipsters advise.

online casino

A Look at Dubai’s Online Casino Options

Playing online casino games can be a rather diverse and exciting prospect. There are lots of things to discover in this field today and so players of Dubai can find a wide variety in this regard. Looking at these options players will realise that they can rather shape their online experience through the number of flexible options available.

This does mean that these players should investigate the different factors that go into such an operation and through this learn to best shape their experiences online.

For players of Dubai the betting scene is growing quite quickly which means the time to get involved is definitely now. With all these online casino options players still have to locate these experiences and match them to what exactly they want out of it all. This means understanding how these sort of online operations tend to work and how then to engage with them in a responsible and safe manner. One of the key things to remember in this pursuit then is that more information is always better, allowing players to refine their approach to the online scene.

The Simple Online Casino Structure for Players

With so many different online casino options available the process of getting involved in this scene is becoming easier and easier. For Dubai online blackjack players these options are rather extensive but at the same time rather simple to interpret and understand. Starting with the security online players involved can uncover the inner workings and reliability of these casino options straight off the bat. This affords a certain piece of mind when engaging online since there is evidence towards the protection of players online. Added to this there are a collection of games attached to each casino option and so players should aim for the games they enjoy when searching for such options. The aspects around such experiences of course get more detailed the further involved players tend to get and so there is often more to discover.

Beginning the Online Casino Experience Immediately

One of the best things about online casino options is that plyers from Dubai can jump into the action anytime they want provided they have made the necessary arrangements online and done the appropriate research. Often casino experiences of this nature are inviting to players because they offer the occasional bonus when new players join them as well as certain reward systems for long term members. This makes the overall experience just that bit more exciting and appealing to players as they begin the process. This aspect also further allows players to get involved rather rapidly, with benefits to support such an option.

Connecting the Players and Online Casino Options

At the end of the day the choice of online casino rests firmly in the hands of players involved. They are in control of the aspects that they most want to see when they start their online experiences and so therefore are the only ones that can settle on a particular option that appeals to them. With this in mind players from Dubai can enjoy shopping around the web for such options and opportunities until they find one that works best.

casino online

Dubai’s Variety of Casino Online Possibilities

The different options around casino online experiences is constantly growing and players are offered a wide variety of possibilities through this. The range of these options is important because players can then shape their own experiences online and essentially create their perfect casino through this.

Though the options available vary across the board, a good number are rather intuitive to the process and therefore tied to the entire operation. This means that players can experiment with the options to a degree and find comfort in the options that remain important throughout.

When taking a look at Dubai’s casino online experiences there are a couple of aspects that require particular attention. This involves the aspects that have become second nature to the online environment as a whole. Aspects like the safety and security involved online as well as the various factors around the banking options online that players can use to either deposit or withdraw funds. These are no longer the daunting task they once were however, as more and more options online make these easy to visualise and take note of. Beyond this there are also the more casino specific online options to involve.

Starting the Online Casino Search and Investigation

When shopping around for the ideal Dubai slots casino online options players will encounter a medley of different experiences. In order to avoid the chaos then players should start from the beginning and work their way through the process from the ground up. This starts with identifying the safest casino options found online.

Today these options boast wildly about their transparency and security offered to players involved. This means that players don’t have to spend much effort in finding options that they can be sure are cared for and maintained. Added to this security aspect is that of general player support offered through the particular casino online which makes the experience a good deal easier to understand.

Including the Other Casino Aspects in Searches

When players from Dubai have narrowed down their options around secure casino online experiences they can start to look into the added benefits attached to such options. These various factors relate to the actual gaming experience found through these casinos and the variety within this. Primarily the choice of players involved, this option plays a significant role in the overall experience had. This means that a certain amount of exploration on the topic is necessary for those perhaps unfamiliar with some of the choices involved. Beyond the gaming players also have the aspects around bonuses and even platform to choose from and include in their assessment of the scene.

Completing the Online Casino Package Available

With the industry of casino online options it is important to remember that the scene involved is constantly growing and changing. This means that Dubai’s players should essentially keep an eye out for any new innovations and improvements made in this field. With a cautious eye on the proceedings players can be sure that they have the best possibilities available to them at any moment.

Lost Island

Lost Island Online Slots

It doesn’t require superb reasoning abilities to deduct that the notion of a deserted Lost Island intrigues us no end.  One has only to consider some of our greatest literary works, for this to become clear: Daniel Dafoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island, The Island of Dr. Moreau by science-fiction genius H.G. Wells, Lord of the flies by William Golding, The people in the trees by Hanya Yanagihara, the list continues.

What is perhaps most notable and telling of the list of authors, and even the characters portrayed in these literary works of art, is that they are from different countries and ascribe to various cultures.  The charm associated with the mysterious and almost enigmatic notion of a lost island seems to be universal; a potential adventure that appeals to us all.

Its therefore no wonder that the developers at NetEnt have decided to create a slot based on the untold secrets of a lost island.

Lost Island is an online video slot featuring 5 reels and 20 paylines.  The game can be played for free or for real money, and is supported on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Lost Island Symbols

Tribal jewellery make up most of the symbols and include a bongo drum, tooth necklace, ring made of gold and a triangular shaped artefact resembling something dating from the Bronze Age.  The aim is to land a matching combination of 3 or more symbols on any active payline at the iPhone, desktop or mobile android casino.

Symbols pay out at 20 credits for a combination of 3 matching symbols in a row, anything from 60 up to 150 credits for 4 in a row, and between 250 and 500 credits for a first prize combination: 5 matching symbols on an active payline.

As is the case with most slot games, standard playing card symbols also appear on the reels.  The playing card symbols pay out at lower values than the game’s themed symbols.

Lost Island Wild

The wild symbol is a glowing pink and purple flower, reminding somewhat of a Lotus flower.  The wild symbol will substitute for all standard symbols.  It will not transform into the game’s scatter symbol, but it will strive to achieve the highest possible win.

The wild symbol not only completes winning combinations during standard game play, but also during the Free Spins Bonus Game.

Lost Island Free Spins Bonus Game

The Lost Island Free Spins Bonus Game is activated by landing 3 or more of the bejewelled scatter symbol anywhere on the game’s reels during any one spin.

The number of free spins awarded depends on the number of scatters landed when activating the special feature game.  Landing 5 scatters awards a whopping 30 free spins.

During the Free Spins Bonus Game, a wild will appear and remain in the centre of reel 3, for the entire duration of the free spins, creating multiple opportunities for matching symbols in a big way.

Lost Island can be played in manual mode or in autoplay mode.


Lights Online Slots

Lights hold great significance in Asian culture, particularly so in Chinese culture.  The Chinese lantern is recognised the world over, and started out as a mere practicality, being an alternative to the previously used open flame.  Open flames were often extinguished by the wind and were also known to have started fires.  The lantern was a welcome improvement – also providing a softer and more ambient form of light.

Lanterns and Lights soon evolved into elaborate cultural symbols.  They not only provided a more attractive form of light, but also became symbols of artistic expression.  Artists competed in order to create lanterns of superb and delicate beauty.  Some historians are of the opinion that the street light as it is known in the Western word, originated from contact with China, where lanterns and lights had long been used to light entrance ways and doors to homes.

During the Chinese Lantern Festival, riddles are written on lanterns.  The answer must then be guessed by passersby.  This creates a festive and interactive spirit.

Lights is an online video slot in honour of the significance and beauty of Chinese lanterns and features 5 reels and 9 fixed paylines, as well as floating wilds and a Free Spins Bonus Game found at most River Belle Casinos.

Symbols That Light Up The Night Sky

Symbols include a selection of beautifully embellished Chinese lights.  The red lantern is a true showcase of Chinese tradition, with Chinese dragons embossed into its surface.  Landing 5 or more of the red lanterns on any payline is worth 1 000 credits.  The orange lantern is in no way inferior to the beautiful red lantern.  The light that emanates from the orange lantern is soft and comforting, and carries an award of up to 750 credits.  Next in line is the emerald green lantern – 5 of these will add 500 credits to the player’s bankroll.  The calming blue lantern follows closely at 400 credits for the same trick, and the passionate purple lantern rolls in at 300 credits for 5 in a row.

Playing card symbols appear on the reels too, and represent the lower value paying symbols.  The playing card symbols are designed a typical Asian font, and appear to be lit up from the inside.  Cards include the number 10 as well as the Jack, Queen, King and Ace – the Ace being the highest paying card symbol.

Lights Floating Wilds Feature

The Floating Wilds Feature is wonderfully animated.  During every spin, Fireflies play on the reels, activating Floating Wilds.  2 to 4 Floating Wilds appear at random during every spin.  Wilds will substitute for all standard symbols.  The scatter symbol is the exception to the rule.

Lights Free Spins Bonus Game

The scatter symbol is the Yin-Yan symbol.  Instead of the usual black and white, it is animated and drawn beautifully in orange, red and pink.  The scatter is the key to activating the Free Spins Bonus Game.  3 scatters anywhere on the reels will activate 10 free spins, 4 will trigger 20 and 5 scatter symbols carry a reward of 30 free spins.

During the Free Spins Bonus game, up to 6 Floating Wilds appear at random during any one spin.